• Roman Times

    The grounds upon which Maximin Grünhaus sits appear to have been intensely settled as far back as Roman times. Roman flat tiles in the estate house's foundation and various artifacts such as clay fragments, roofing tiles and wall bricks suggest that the location of the modern Schloss Grünhaus was once the site of a "villa rustica." Hints of winegrowing from that time come through the remains of a professional pottery operation that produced, among other products, amphora for wine storage. Roman pruning knives have also been found here.
  • 6 February 966 First documented reference to Grünhaus

    Kaiser Otto I, successor to Charlemagne, confirmed a gift originally made in the 7th century by Franconian King Dagobert I. His lifetime saw buildings, vineyards and lands gifted to the Benedictine abbey of Saint Maximin in Trier. This document is currently preserved in the French National Library in Paris.
  • 16381638 Construction of the pressing house, Merging of the current castle

  • Late 18th Century Secularization of Saint Maximin Abbey

    Following secularization under Napoleon, the estate continued operation under French administration until 1810. The estate was sold in that year to its first secular owner, Friedrich Freiherrn von Handel. Forty years later it was passed to his grandson, Friedrich Freiherrn von Solemacher.
  • 1882 Carl Ferdinand Freiherr von Stumm-Halberg purchases Maximin Grünhaus

    Investing heavily, he transformed it into one of the most modern of its time. A turbine in the Ruwer provided electricity to power the lighting and numerous machines, including the hydraulic presses in the pressing house. Small locomotives ran on the vineyard roads, and a cable car transported equipment around the vineyard.
  • Late 19th century "Dowry”

    Von Stumm's sole son died young, and so his daughter Ida received the estate as a "dowry" on the day of her marriage to Conrad von Schubert, who would later become a lieutenant general.
  • 1882 to todayOwnership by the von Schubert family

    1st Generation: Carl Ferdinand von Stumm-Halberg (1882-1890)
    2nd Generation: Ida & Lieutenant Conrad von Schubert (1882-1916)
    3rd Generation: Secretary of State Dr. Carl von Schubert (1916-1947)
    4th Generation: Andreas von Schubert (1947-1981)
    5th Generation: Dr. Carl Ferdinand von Schubert (1981-2014)
    6th Generation: Gut Maximin Grünhaus is today managed by Maximin von Schubert, representing the 6th generation.