Between the Vines

Each day at Maximin Grünhaus starts with a lovely view out onto the monopole sites. The Schloss is the hub of activity for the von Schubert family, full of joy and in harmony with nature. A life dedicated to wine...



Each vintage is both a challenge and a thrill. Throughout the year, Maximin von Schubert, his family and his team work tirelessly toward a single climatic moment: harvest. Experience, history, anticipation and a certain tolerance for risk are necessary components in capturing the very best nature has to offer in a bottle.


Each wine is a singular expression

Quality is the foundation on which our wines are built. Each wine needs time to develop its individual personality. Maximin Grünhaus wines are known for their incredible aging potential. We taste all of our wines regularly and track them throughout their development — for us, a process as exciting as any thriller.