At Maximin Grünhaus, Pinot Blanc grows exclusively in the upper portion of the HERRENBERG, notable for its red slate soils. It is spontaneously fermented in neutral fuder casks produced from our own local oak. This ensures that the wood does not influence the taste of the fruitiness and freshness of the wine, although it does impart a refined structure and elegance.


As the name suggests, we use a finer grade of harvested grape for our PINOT BLANC RÉSERVE. The wine undergoes wild yeast fermentation in the two new fuder barrels that we have produced each year from our own oak forests. The use of new fuder lends the wine a lovely spice and structure. Fresh, juicy fruit aromas and a typical and lively acidity are wrapped within an elegant shawl of fine creaminess. A distinctive and wonderful wine from an oft neglected grape variety.


Dr. Carl von Schubert long yearned to bring top-quality Pinot Noir back to the Grünhaus vineyards. His vision finally become reality in 2007. One hectare of Pinot Noir (clone: 777, 828) was planted on one of the best and steepest parcels of the ABTSBERGS. Another 0.5 ha parcel followed one year later. Following classic maceration in open stainless steel tanks, our Pinot Noir spends 18 months in French, Austrian and regional oak. In order to develop the maximal amount of complexity and structure, we use a combination of first, second and third fill barrels. The result is a complex and elegant Pinot Noir, that proudly expresses its kinship to the Grünhaus Rieslings.